The "I'm Watching This" Community/Company

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Noiconicon.png The "I'm Watching This" Community/Company Noiconicon.png
FounderNoiconicon.png Unknown Kiddie
Noiconicon.png Matias Mateo Tirado Paz
LeaderNoiconicon.png Unknown Kiddie (2019 - 2020)
Noiconicon.png Matias Mateo Tirado Paz (2020 - present)

The "I'm Watching This" Community/Company is a kiddie toxic community with about 300 members (most of which are allegedly alts) known for the phrase "I'm watching this" and their immature reactions to criticism and haters, such as dislike bombs and aggressive comments. The community appears to reside on YouTube since 2019, when it was founded by an unknown kiddie. Most of the community's members are known to be underage.