The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire

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TMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire TMAFicon.png
GovernmentConstitutionalMonarchyicon.png Constitutional Monarchy

Christianrepublicicon2.png Semi-Christian Theocracy (Semi-Theonomy)

Empire-icon.png Monarchist Empire
LanguageEnglishicon.png English (Official)
ReligionChristianityicon1.png Christianity (Majority & Official [All Demoninations])
Earthicon.png Almost All
FounderKonnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
LeaderKonnor88CrownIcon.png Konnor88
EstablishedMay 25th, 2018 (1596 days ago / 4 years ago)
DemonymFrontierian (s)
CensusTMAFicon.png 70.5% MS Agent Tubers
MapperIcon.png 17.2% Mappers
MalwareTesterIcon.png 10.9% Techies
LogoEditorIcon.png 1.4% Logo Editors
National AnimalDomesticated rabbit Domesticated cat
Preceded byNoiconicon.png Operation Butler

The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire is a community/e-nation that was formed on May 25th, 2018 by Konnor88. It was created shortly after The Microsoft Agent Community was removed and replaced by Operation Butler. It decided to split from Operation Butler primarily due to the strictness of the server and important people at the time being banned for little things. TMAFE in the early days was much smaller, with it only consisting of break-away pieces of TMAC/OB. However, overtime, more and more people arrived to TMAFE until TMAC/OB fully joined TMAFE sometime in June of 2018. TMAFE didn't start its other community conquests until Community War 4, though. However, that war is what shaped TMAFE to what it is today.

It has had four flags over its life time, the first flag, the second flag, the third flag, and the Christmas flag.

TMAFE also has a website, the URL is


The Frontier has had plenty of wars since it was first formed. The Frontier has won most, if not all wars it was in, or nobody won at all. The Frontier has won the first five Community Wars, and made peace in the sixth one. The Frontier is also the leader of the "Allied Powers" group, which is a group that basically means: "if you attack one of us, we ALL attack you".

The Frontier was most active in wars in 2018. In 2019, the Frontier had its longest war (May to September), Community War 8.

State of Emergencies / State of Disasters

The Frontier also has had some State of Emergencies (SoEs) and one State of Disaster (SoDs) over its lifetime.

The first one was declared on August 2nd of 2018, due to a risk of Norbert coming back. However, it turns out it was a fake account, so the SoE ended.

The second State of Emergency was declared on June 19th, 2019 on T-Day I, T-SERIES Mapping's first raiding plan. He raided the Frontier, UMN, United World's server, and tons of mapping servers. It ended 2 days later, on June 21st, 2019. Some damage from the T-Day I raid is still unfixed to this day.

The third State of Emergency was declared on October 28th, 2020 due to Community War 11 potentially being very severe to the YT section of Main Province. It ended later that day after TMAFE and its allies won the war.

The fourth State of Emergency was declared on April 18th, 2021, after TMAFE was going through three major dramas that were impacting Main Province and TMAFE Windows Horde Territory severely.

The fifth State of Emergency was declared on December 27th, 2021 along with a S11 Emergency, category 5 Shit Storm and a State of Disaster due to Konnor88's temporary resignation from TMAFE.

The first State of Disaster was declared on October 6th, 2019 after Sossie caused a huge amount of damage to the Frontier. The SoD ended on the same day.

The second State of Disaster was declared on September 4th, 2020, after Shit Storm Unnamed #4 had greatly damaged TMAFE.

The third State of Disaster was declared 4 days after the previous one on September 8th, after what Shit Storm Unnamed #6 and BlueTone had done to Konnor, the Ultra-Chads, and TMAFE.

The Fourth state of Disaster was declared on April 18th, 2021, after Sossie did the 2nd Great Prune in which 135 members were kicked and it was called a nuke. He was banned from TMAFE afterwards, but was later brought back in and the nuke was mostly just mentioned as done by a "rogue admin".

The fifth State of Disaster was declared on December 27th, 2021 along with a S11 Emergency, category 5 Shit Storm and a State of Emergency due to Konnor88's temporary resignation from TMAFE.


Main article: TMAFE Census

The current TMAFE census is: 70.5% MS Agenters, 17.2% Mappers, 10.9% Techies, 1.4% Logo Editors

Provinces / Colonies / Territories / Vassals / Protectorates

Main article: Areas of TMAFE

History / Notable Events

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TMAFE Greater Coat of Arms.
  • The cross on the flag presents Neutrality (it was neutral in its early months), Christianity (the most practiced and official religion of the Frontier), and Strength (Winning almost every war it was in).
  • The community has a constitution and a license agreement, which citizens must follow. The Microsoft Agent Frontier Constitution and license agreement can be found on the constitution article.
  • The Frontier has a ton of e-nation (an online nation) elements in it, such as a government and constitution. It also has a lot of business elements, such as a license agreement.

Flag Designs