Legacy:The Reborn Persian Empire

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Rebornpersiaball.png The Reborn Persian Empire Rebornpersiaball.png
GovernmentMuslim-Kingdom.png Sultanate
ReligionIslam-icon.png Islam (Official)
FounderRebornpersiaball.png Persian Mapper Reborn
LeaderRebornpersiaball.png Persian Mapper Reborn
DemonymPersian (s)
National AnimalLion
Succeeded byTMAFicon.png TMAFE Persia Territory
Calliphateoftherebornpersianempireicon.png Caliphate of The Reborn Persian Empire

The Reborn Persian Empire (TRPE) is an empire lead by Persian Mapper Reborn, and was founded in 2019. It was destroyed by the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent on March 25th, 2020, after the sultanate threatened to dox Persian Mapper Reborn.

First Contact with TMAFE

The leader of TRPE arrived in TMAFE around Mid March of 2020, asking for partnership. TMAFE said yes to the partnership, and become allies with TRPE.


TRPE is at war with logo editors aside from ones they are allied with. Currently, they have took 2 servers, plundered 1, and captured 50+. TRPE declared war on logo editors shortly after the first empire of Persian Mapper Reborn was destroyed by them, so he formed his empire again to get revenge. Persia later declared war on the GoAnimate community, upon finding out what they are known for.


On March 25th, 2020, Persian Mapper Reborn got doxed by the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent, and was forced to surrender. Persia then gave his empire to TMAFE, and left the internet. Shortly after, Timurids, New Tehran, and Mughan became united into the Logo Editing Calliphate, once the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent was defeated.


  • It is lead by Persian Mapper Reborn.
  • It collapsed on March 25th, 2020 after a war.