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NicknameTimurTurk, Timur, Savaşçı92, Savaşçı
FriendsGoodicon1.png All of his allies, but here are some notable ones:

Konnor88kingicon.png Konnor88

Chaogamer countryball icon.png Chaogamer

Unitedworldicon1.png United World

BlueTone Icon thingy .png BlueTone

Sebastianicon1.png Sebastian

Englishicon.png Sossie
EnemiesEnemyicon1.png All of his enemies, but here are some notable ones: Noiconicon.png Nilai
LikesTurkey-icon.png Turkey, Nations, History, Geography
DislikesBeing insulted, pings, people attacking his nation

TimurTurk, formerly known as Savaşçı92, is a Frontierian from Istanbul, Turkey. He was formerly the leader of the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent. However, once the Sultanate was defeated, he disappeared and came back as TimurTurk in late May, attacking TMAFE's ally. They were able to take Polania, formerly part of The Empire Of Chaoland, and then proceeded in attempting to take it over fully, which it failed at. However, TimurTurk and Konnor88 signed a peace treaty shortly afterwards, ending the 2nd Frontierian-Sultanate War. TimurTurk then disbanded Sultanate, and created the Eretna Beylik, which became the Eretna Empire and then finally the Seljuk Empire. It expanded rapidly as it conquered mainly logo editing servers. It was able to plunder many more as well, however, its expansion came to a halt. Shortly afterwards, since TimurTurk felt bad for what he done, he wanted to quit the internet. To his surprise, the logo editors wanted him to stay, and showed niceness to him, which made him fully end the war.


  • He is from Turkey, specifically in Istanbul. In October 2020, his family had decided to move to Istanbul from Ankara.
  • He claimed to hate logo editors because of their "ego" and drama, but he stopped hating logo editors as of June 6th, 2020.
    • He also stated he attacked logo editors to avenge Persia Mapper Reborn, which was a person he took down during the 1st Frontierian-Sultanate War.
  • He leads the Seljuk Empire, and formerly lead the Sultanate of Microsoft Agent.
  • TimurTurk and Soundcard used to be friends until June 6th, 2020.
  • He was also formerly a bat, a type of anti-mapper raider. However, he quit being a bat in April 2020.