Tomas Marciulaitis

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NameTomas Marciulaitis
NicknameTomas, T-Gay, Tomas-Series, Tomas-Gay, Tomas M., T-Series V2
FriendsGoodicon1.png All the people on his side.
LikesWindows 10 S

Tomas is a YouTuber from Lithuania. His main character is the Windows 10 S logo, but in low quality. He is a member of the Livestream Community. He started his current channel in 2016, and currently has over 1K subscribers.

The Subscriber War

On March 31st, 2019, Tomas made a rant of Gliczide (X03) in the GoAnimate / Vyond style in BonziWorld. This made a lot of people angry, especially the Frontierians. He was also starting to get hated on for allegedly being very annoying. Not only that, he was starting to surpass MS Agent Tubers in the amount of subscribers on YouTube. These three factors led to the war between The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and him. He and Konnor88 were competing for subscribers on YouTube. Social Blade predicted that Tomas would overtake Konnor on April 6th, but that didn't happen. The subscriber war started, and the subscriber counts were growing very fast, as Konnor88 even managed to get 31 subscribers in a day due to Seamusmario helping him out. United World made a video on the situation when the gap reached 50, and it helped Konnor gain subscribers. Tomas was losing supporters, and Konnor88's daily subscriber count had increased greatly. On April, Tomas made a diss-track in response of Konnor, which got so many dislikes that he deleted it. However, Tomas made another video called "just stop the drama" which too got 100 dislikes and was deleted again. In June 2019, he and Konnor88 finally made peace.


  • His character is a Windows 10 S logo.
  • He and Konnor were a subscriber war, similarly to how PewDiePie and T-Series were. The war has ended as of June 2019.
    The logo used to represent Tomas in The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire. It is a reference to the T-Series logo. This logo is no longer used to refer to Tomas.