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Template:ChacterTemplate1.1Totofer77 is a MSAgent Tuber and a former member of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire.


Totofer was originally an enemy of TMAFE, whose crimes included spreading a false rumor about Terence bullying Mem. A month later he told TMAFE about BlueTone's new server (BlueTone was an enemy back then) and Totofer became an ally. In May 2019, he became an enemy again and got unbanned a month later. after that, during the Terence-TMAFE drama, he sided with Terence which caused him to be an enemy again. After that, he left TMAFE, although he still makes MSAgent videos - his current series is Parallel Fights on the MSAgent Realm.


  • Totofer77 is from France.
  • He likes Mugman.
  • One of his series - Thomas Ferry's Stellar MSAgent Overture is most likely a sequel to his fight video series - Parallel Fights in the MSAgent Realm, which is a sequel to another fighting video series of his - Quarrels on MSAgent. Later the Parallel Fights were however brought back.