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Noiconicon.png Ulain Noiconicon.png
DOB/AgeAugust 4th, 2006 (5858 days ago / 16 years ago)
FriendsNoiconicon.png Neethy
Noiconicon.png Lantern
Rusball.png Soundcard
MLball.png The Bottom Pit
EnemiesKonnor88icon.png Konnor88

Ulain is a member of The Bottom Pit, The Gang and formerly The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and the New Resistance. She is one of the veterans of the former, having first joined The Republic of the Mapper League in 2018. She is notable for being accused of spying in the Global Mapping Station in September 2021, possibly assisting in a Frontierpedia raid 3 months earlier and starting the .,. meme on February 19th, 2020. Ever since Community War 12 started, she is considered an enemy by TMAFE.



  • She and her classmate - Suss - are both members of The Gang, a community led by Duč.
  • She was one of the people to be chosen as a part of a ship in 2018, in this case Dulain.
  • She has started two memes in the ML - .,. and #UlainIsWeird.