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Unbojihball.png UnbojihDoesMC Unbojihball.png
NicknameUnbojih, UnbojihDoes64, SuperUnbojih64, UnbojihDoesMC, UnbojihTheVegasProEditor, Tape Preserver, XPeDude, Microsoft Agent Archive
FriendsTMAFicon.png The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire
EnemiesVyonderIcon.png TMAFE2, Kiddies, Beta Kids (from the Super Mario 64 Beta Community), The "I'm Watching This" Community/Company
LikesSM64, MS Agent, Animations, SM64 Machinima Community (or SM64 Community), Minecraft, Windows XP Computers
DislikesBeing hacked, cringy stuff, his sister (sometimes), enemies, The "I'm Watching This" Community/Company

Unbojih is a TMAFE member. He used to do Microsoft Agent videos on his main channel, but now does them at Microsoft Agent Archive channel. He also does some Minecraft stuff (Survival, Bedwars, etc.), as well as animations, SM64 Videos and meme videos that attempt to resurrect the Windows XP Error meme.


  • He was a former enemy of TMAFE.
  • He is from Germany.
  • He uses SM64 and GMod to make SM64 Machinima Videos.
  • He owns five Windows XP Computers.