United Mapping Nation

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Umnball1.png United Mapping Nation Umnball1.png
LanguageEnglishicon.png English (Official)
FounderKonnor88kingicon.png Konnor88
LeaderKonnor88kingicon.png Konnor88
Unitedworldicon1.png United World
Noiconicon.png Steve Jobs
Succeeded byNoiconicon.png New Mappers Union

The United Mapping Nation was the mapping section of the Frontier founded by Konnor88. It was first created in May of 2019. It was originally gonna be a monarchy, just like The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire, but Konnor decided to make it a triachy, with him, United World, and Steve Jobs ruling it. Around June or July of 2019, T-SERIES Mapping manipulated Konnor into giving him administrator. After that, TSM proceeded to nuke the server and banned almost everyone. The server never recovered, and eventually shutdown in Late July. The UMN was brought back on September 13th, 2019. However, it was never finished, and replaced with the new Mappers Union on April 8th, 2020.


  • This was the only section of the Frontier that had a leader other than Konnor.
  • It had a custom bot named UMNBot, based on FrontierBot 2.0, making it very out of date. The new UMN also has a custom bot based off of FrontierBot 3.2.
  • It lasted only less than 3 months, and then re-opened back in September of 2019. However, it shortly closed and has never been seen again.
  • The reason for its first closing was because of T-SERIES Mapping and 3x3x.
3x3x's alt raiding the United Mapping Nation.

Flag Designs

The first prototype of the UMN flag.
The second prototype flag, with a globe and blurred out happy finder behind it.
The final and first official flag of the UMN.