Upper-Legislative Branch

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The upper-legislative branch is the in-between of the Frontier Secret Service (Ultra Chads) and the Frontier Security Agency. It consists of 7 members, all of which are recruited based on behavior inside of the council and inside of TMAFE's Discord server. It was founded sometime in mid-2020. The cover-up name for it was the FIP, which was never a serious entity, but rather a cover up name for this branch. The branch was known as the 2nd branch when referred in TMAFE, council, or other places outside of TMAFE. The name Upper-Legislative Branch was chosen as a formal alternative to the original name called the 2nd Branch of TMAFE. The current logo of the ULB was designed by Sebastian. It originally consisted of 4 members but grew overtime to include more.


Members are manually recruited by Konnor88 or a member of it may suggest an addition to it. The recruitment is based on many factors, such as loyalty to the server, if the individual has messed up a lot before, and behavior inside of TMAFE. If they meet a lot of the factors or all of the factors, they may be considered into being added.


  • The member count is currently at 7, as Sossie had been removed from it on April 18th, 2021.
  • It started with 4 members.
  • It is in 2nd place in the hierarchy of the branches, with FSS/Ultra Chads, ULB/2nd Branch, and FSA Council last.
  • The ULB does not have an elected spot, as members are manually recruited.