Windows XP Pro

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Windows XP Pro is an enemy of The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire, a doxxer, and a raider. He first joined TMAFE sometime in 2020 from 03Tech's server, and had good ties with TMAFE for quite some time. After some drama, XP Pro had gone dormant in TMAFE sometime in late 2020. Afterwards, he joined the group WFCD and started raiding servers. He had previously nuked two of 03Tech's servers before trying to annoy TMAFE. Upon annoying TMAFE, this got TMAFE involved further in the conflict, with TMAFE upgrading its security system. As of May 2021, the conflict is still ongoing.


  • He has DDOSed 03Tech multiple times before.
  • He also has used alternative accounts to leak 03Tech's IP address.
  • His main account is hacked from TMAFE's Main Province.