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Screenshot of Frontierpedia as of June 15th, 2021.
Language (s)Englishicon.png English
Country of originUnited States
Owner (s)Konnor88kingicon.png Konnor88
Created byKonnor88kingicon.png Konnor88
LaunchedMarch 28th, 2021
Written inPHP

Frontierpedia is an online encyclopedia focused around The Microsoft Agent Frontier Empire and Microsoft Agent. It is powered by the MediaWiki software, which also powers sites such as Wikipedia, Gamepedia, and many other wiki sites. Frontierpedia is the successor to TMAFE Wiki, which was a rebranded version of Konnor88 Wiki. Konnor88 Wiki and TMAFE Wiki both used FANDOM/Wikia, with Frontierpedia moving away and distancing itself from FANDOM/Wikia. The first attempt to create Frontierpedia was on May 3rd, 2019, but the project was later abandoned with four more attempts until the final and sixth attempts. The sixth attempt of Frontierpedia was successful and was created on March 28th, 2021. Frontierpedia V6 Started with using MediaWiki 1.35.0 and currently uses MediaWiki 1.35.3.


The first iteration of Frontierpedia was created on May 9th, 2019, following the idea being proposed by Sebastian and the logo being designed by Cipher. It was using MediaWiki 1.32.0 as its wiki software and was later abandoned. The reasons for this abandonment were lack of MediaWiki extension knowledge, lack of knowledge for non-FANDOM-based infoboxes, and overall difficulty of the original host. Frontierpedia had four more iterations afterward, with three of those being based on MediaWiki and one on FANDOM/Wikia. Frontierpedia V5 was the "tipping point" of showing that a MediaWiki-based wiki separated from FANDOM/Wikia may work. After Frontierpedia V5 was accidentally deleted, the current Frontierpedia was made afterward. TMAFE then been migrating most articles and images from TMAFE Wiki to Frontierpedia. After most articles and images were imported, Frontierpedia served and still serves as the main wiki for TMAFE, its allies, and Microsoft Agent.



  • The Frontierpedia logo is a parody of the Wikipedia logo, and was created by Cipher in May 2019.
  • FANDOM/Wikia is technically based off of MediaWiki, but has a lot of differences from when it diverged from MediaWiki.
  • Frontierpedia V1 ran on MediaWiki 1.32.0, while the current Frontierpedia runs on 1.35.3.
  • The main obstacle in the first few variants of Frontierpedia was lack of knowledge on MediaWiki extensions and information on creating infoboxes.
  • The idea of a MediaWiki based wiki for TMAFE was original proposed by Sebastian in April 2019.