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Victor is a Microsoft Agent character developed by La Cantoche for use in HP's HP Tour Guide software. His appearance is an old man with a light-brown jacket, gray hair, and glasses. Victor was developed for use in HP Tour Guide, a software that came bundled with Windows ME HP Pavillion computers. The Victor Microsoft Agent was used to assist users with their computers and provided the end-user with directions and information on how to do tasks such as changing computer settings or opening the start menu.


  • March 11th, 2023 - Some "Lore-like" articles have been moved to the "Legacy" namespace. Overtime, all "lore-like" (FSA election, e-nation, non-MS Agent, etc) articles will be moved to this namespace, with their redirects deleted from the main namespace in 2024 excluding high traffic legacy articles. Expect more articles to be moved into the namespace over the coming months. Microsoft Agent related articles will be kept in the regular namespace.
  • December 22nd, 2022 - Updated to MediaWiki 1.39.1.
  • December 20th, 2022 - Transition to MediaWiki 1.39.0 will be attempted soon.

Did you know...

  • ... that Microsoft Agent 1.7 has references inside of it mentioning Microsoft Agent 1.6?
  • ... that La Contonche developed the Victor character that is used for the HP Tour Guide?
  • ... that renaming a character "Bonzi.acs" and opening BonziBuddy allows for Bonzi to be replaced with the other character?
  • ... that the Music Scripting Helper works alongside the Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper to allow characters to sing?
  • ... that the earliest Microsoft Agent 2.0 build is build 1114?
  • ... that Windows 7 was the first version of Windows to stop supporting Microsoft Agent?
  • ... that the Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper has a "Refresh character list" button?
  • ... that the current iteration of Frontierpedia was launched 168 days ago?

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