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This is a list of frequently asked questions about Frontierpedia.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account can be done at Special:CreateAccount.

Can I use a VPN or TOR node while editing?

Yes, as VPNs, proxies, and TOR nodes are allowed to be used when editing.

What does the abuse filter block?

The abuse filter blocks what is listed on Special:AbuseFilter.

Where can I find help for topics such as errors, adding templates, etc?

The help category provides a lot of useful material that will help you on using the wiki.

Where can I find a list of staff?

The staff list page lists all the current staff members of Frontierpedia.

How do I add a message on a talk page?

You can add a message on a talk page by clicking "Add Topic" by the "Create Source" button. It is highly recommended for you to put a signature (--~~~~). To reply to a topic, you may click "Edit source" on an existing topic and leave a message with your signature (--~~~~) at the end.

What exactly is Frontierpedia?

Frontierpedia is a MediaWiki based wiki that shares info about TMAFE, Microsoft Agent, and anything related to it. You can read more on the Frontierpedia article.