Help:Importing pages

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TMAFE Wiki to Frontierpedia

The first thing you need to do is go to and check and see if the page already exists on Frontierpedia via the search bar. If it doesn't exist, export it from there after typing the page in the box. Before exporting, you should make Include Templates is checked, otherwise, categories and infoboxes won't copy over. Afterwards, go to Special:Import and add the exported file. Be sure to use "w:c:tmafe" as the interwiki prefix. Otherwise, the page would not be able to import successfully. Afterwards, you may click "Upload File" and the page will be imported. Please note this only imports the source of a page. You will need to add the image or template manually if the template is not present on this wiki already.

Frontierpedia V5 to V6

Occasionally, Frontierpedia V5.X is opened back up for exporting purposes. You can tell if the wiki is on Frontierpedia V5.X if it has the old logo in the top left corner. If you see the old logo, you can navigate to the Special:Export page on Frontierpedia V5.X and export pages. Be sure that all revisions and templates are imported. (these two options are checkboxes above the export button). Once exported, you may go to Frontierpedia V6's import page ( and select the file created by Frontierpedia V5.X. The interwiki prefix for Frontierpedia V5.X is "frontierpediav5".

Wikipedia to Frontierpedia

Go to and put in the templates/modules you want to export. Only check the "include templates" checkbox and then export. Aftewards, go to the Frontierpedia V6 import page and select the file generated by Wikipedia. The interwiki prefix for Wikipedia is "en".