Max (Rayflex Animation)

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Developer(s)Rayflex Animation
Initial release1997
Description© 1997 Rayflex Animation
Extra dataN/A
TTS voiceAdult Male #2, American English (TruVoice)

Max is a Microsoft Agent character developed by Rayflex Animation in 1997. He was used in a demonstration page on Rayflex Animation's website as an example of one of the characters that someone could request be made for a project. His appearance is a tan dog.


Rayflex website

Max was created by Rayflex Animation as a demonstration character to attract customers on their website.[1], where Max introduces himself and states how the user can contact Rayflex for a custom Microsoft Agent. Below is some of the VBS script played upon the user visiting the website:

 Sub SayHello
 Select Case DownloadStatus  ' reaction to button push depends on
   Case "OK"      ' how much data has been downloaded
 window.status = ActorXName & " is finished loading. Enjoy!"
 ActorX.MoveTo 300,300,0
 ActorX.Play "Blink"
 ActorX.Play "Wave"
 ActorX.Speak "\spd=150\\map=""\pit=130\Hell\pit=80\oh \pit=50\""=""Hello""\. \pit=120\Glad you could stop by."
 ActorX.Play "Acknowledge"
 ActorX.Speak "\pit=50\I am Max the dog."
 ActorX.Play "Blink"
 ActorX.MoveTo 100,100
 ActorX.Play "Blink"
 ActorX.Speak "\pit=50\Please send Rayflex an e-mail, \pit=60\if you would like a custom character created for your project."
 ActorX.Play "Blink"
 ActorX.Speak "\pit=50\I'll be available as soon as the Agent Molder software is released."
 ActorX.MoveTo 100,250
 ActorX.Play "Blink"
 ActorX.Speak "\pit=50\See you soon"
   Case "NOCHAR" 
 window.alert "No character loaded"
 End Select

End Sub

Character data

Character data for Max
File name: MAX.ACS
Description: © 1997 Rayflex Animation
Extra data: N/A
File size: 568 KB
Animations: 20
TTS voice: Adult Male #2, American English (TruVoice)
GUID: {2D40CD43-3202-11D1-A986-444553540000}
TTSMode ID: {2D40CD43-3202-11D1-A986-444553540000}
TTS speed: 130
TTS pitch: 50
Width: 128px
Length: 128px



  • Max is one of the earliest non-Microsoft created characters, being created in 1997.
  • Max is one of the classical Microsoft Agents to be developed for Microsoft Agent 1.5.
  • There are no known Microsoft Agent 2.0 versions of Max.