PM Green

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PM Green
Initial release2000
DescriptionFor Web and External Use Only!
Extra dataN/A
TTS voiceAdult Male #1, American English (TruVoice)

PM Green, also known as PacketMan Green, is a Microsoft Agent character developed by FYI-Net for use on their Microsoft Agent page. His appearance is a green battery with arms and legs.


PM Green was used and created by FYI-Net for their Microsoft Agent page on their website[1], where PM Green introduces himself and then presents how to download the character. Below is some of the VBS script played upon the user visiting the website:

 Sub Start()
  C.MoveTo ScreenOrgX  + (c.width)/2-12, ScreenOrgY + c.height+20
   C.Play "Greet"
   C.Speak "Hello, My name is PacketMan Green!" "Greet2"
   C.Speak "Welcome to the FYI-Net Agent page!" 
   C.Play "Uncertain"
   C.Speak "I may not be stored on your system so you are encouraged to download me after this if you choose."
   C.Play "GestureDown"
   C.Speak "If you want to download me later, Click my Download button." "RestPose"
   C.Speak "Thankyou for checking me out. Have Fun!" "Pleased" "idle3_2"
 End Sub

Character data

Character data for PM Green
File name: PM_Green.acs
Description: For Web and External Use Only!
Extra data: N/A
File size: 3.6 MB
Animations: 87
TTS voice: Adult Male #1, American English (TruVoice)
GUID: {0117C26C-BBBF-438A-84FD-9FA8787B6C8F}
TTSMode ID: {CA141FD0-AC7F-11D1-97A3-006008273000}
TTS speed: 150
TTS pitch: 84
Width: 130px
Length: 130px



  • PM Green was created in 2000.
  • The PM stands for "PacketMan".
  • He was developed by FYI-Net.
  • As with most classical Microsoft Agents, he has his own color table to utilize multiple unique colors to make the character seem higher quality.