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Developer(s)Rayflex Animation
Initial release1997
Description© 1997 Rayflex Animation
Extra dataN/A
TTS voiceAdult Male #1, American English (TruVoice)

Gourdy is a Microsoft Agent character developed by Rayflex Animation in 1997. He was used in a demonstration page on Rayflex Animation's website as an example of one of the characters that someone could request be made for a project. His appearance is a gray carved jack-o-lantern.


Rayflex website

Gourdy was created by Rayflex Animation as a demonstration character to attract customers on their website.[1], where Gourdy introduces himself and states how the character is holiday themed. Below is some of the VBS script played upon the user visiting the website:

 Sub SayHello
Select Case DownloadStatus	' reaction to button push depends on
Case "OK"	' how much data has been downloaded
 window.status = ActorXName & " is finished loading. Enjoy!"
 ActorX.MoveTo 100,200,0
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_2"
 ActorX.Speak "Boo!"
 ActorX.Speak "Did I scare you?"
 ActorX.Speak "Oh well...I tried."
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.Play "GlanceRight"
 ActorX.Play "GlanceLeft"
 ActorX.Speak "Give me some candy!"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.MoveTo 500,300
 ActorX.Speak "Boo! Give me some candy!"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.MoveTo 100,200
 ActorX.Speak "Man, your not listening! I said Boo!  Now give me some candy!"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.MoveTo 100,300
 ActorX.Speak "Awe, come on, give me some candy."
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.MoveTo 0,0
 ActorX.Speak "Cheapscate!"
 ActorX.Play "Hide"
 ActorX.MoveTo 400,200,0
 ActorX.Play "Show"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_2"
 ActorX.Speak "Oh ya, I was too busy getting rough with you that I forgot to mention"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.Speak "that I am a seasonal character"
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.Speak "but if you can think of other events for which you could use a pumpkin to scare people I'd like to know."
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_1"
 ActorX.Speak "Please contact Rayflex Animation if you would like a custom character design for your project."
 ActorX.Play "Idle1_2"
 ActorX.Speak "See ya next year!"
Case "NOCHAR" 
MsgBox ActorXName & "did not load.", 48, ActorXName & "'s Page"
End Select
 End Sub

Agent Molder

Gourdy was also used in software by the same company called "Agent Molder". However, the website states the product had been in development since 1998, but by 2000, it still was not out of the beta stage and is assumed to have been canceled. The description shows that the product would've been similar to the Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper, as the main quality of Agent Molder was that it could create product demos and Agent scripts.

Character data

Character data for Gourdy
File name: GOURDY.ACS
Description: © 1997 Rayflex Animation
Extra data: N/A
File size: 417 KB
Animations: 15
TTS voice: Adult Male #1, American English (TruVoice)
GUID: {EE161723-4678-11D1-A988-444553540000}
TTSMode ID: {CA141FD0-AC7F-11D1-97A3-006008273000}
TTS speed: 130
TTS pitch: 50
Width: 128px
Length: 128px



  • Gourdy is one of the earliest non-Microsoft created characters, being created in 1997.
  • Gourdy is one of the classical Microsoft Agents to be developed for Microsoft Agent 1.5.
  • There are no known Microsoft Agent 2.0 versions of Gourdy.