Music Scripting Helper

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MUsic Scripting Helper
Screenshot of the MUsic Scripting Helper main window.
Latest version2.2.0.1
Written inVisual Basic
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

The MUsic Scripting Helper, also known as MUSH, is a program that works alongside the Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper that allows Microsoft Agent characters to sing. The user is able to choose the character they want in their interface, change the speed of singing, raise the semi-tones, and load .KAR or .MID files. A link to download some .KAR files is provided from the official website, but all of the files are unarchived.


The Help script inside the program states you will need MASH to use the program correctly. It is currently unresearched what this program does from there, or if it can work with the latest version of MASH.



  • Since the program does not have much documentation on its website, the program needs more research on its usage.
  • The "Legal trademarks" inside the version of the program states "Trespassers will be bitten".
  • The dog in the icon of the program is named Pepe.