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Frontierpedia is an online TMAFE related encyclopedia and, as a means to that end, an online community of individuals interested in building and using a high-quality encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, there are certain things that Frontierpedia is not.

Encyclopedic content

Advertising hub

Don't create articles that are essentially just advertisements. The hCAPTCHA on the register page keeps out most advertising spambots.

Anarchist state

There are rules to follow. If you don't follow them, you get banned; it is that simple.


See also: Frontierpedia:Edit warring
Raiders or vandals will be blocked and all subsequent edits done by them will be reverted.


Frontierpedia allows content if it doesn't violate the rules. Just because you got blocked for breaking a rule doesn't mean we are pro-censorship.


Contributing isn't mandatory. You are allowed to contribute at any time you want as long as it follows the rules and the MOS.

Dating site

Keep mentions of sexuality and such out of articles or user profiles.

Free speech forum

If what you are saying violates the rules, don't cry out when you get blocked or warned.


Don't treat the site as a game or do challenges such as seeing how fast you can get blocked by the abuse filter.

Social network

Frontierpedia is not a social network. The closest things on the platform to that are the talk pages (where you can discuss that specific page) and user pages (where you can customize your profile).

Twitter bio

Keep identity politics and trigger warnings out of articles.