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These are the current statistics of Frontierpedia. These statistics include information regarding edits, users, and other types of statistic information regarding the wiki. Some of these statistics are from the host dashboard that is only accessible for the site host.

Site / server related statistics

  • Site Name: Frontierpedia
  • Server:
  • Server Name:
  • Server Language: en (English)
  • MediaWiki Version: 1.39.3

Pages / article related statistics

  • Number of Pages: 1,692
  • Number of Articles: 20
  • Number of Edits: 6,825
  • Number of Files: 792

User related statistics

  • Registered User Count: 108
  • Administrator/Moderator User Count: 2

Browser statistics

Frontierpedia browser information (as of August 2021)
Browser name Percentage (%)
Chromium logo.pngChromium (Google Chrome/Opera/Chromium/Edge/etc) 63.9%
Gecko logo.pngGecko (Mozilla Firefox/Waterfox/PaleMoon/etc) 28.1%
Webkit logo.pngWebKit (Safari) 4.6%
Question icon.pngUnknown 2.7%
Ie trident logo.pngTrident (Internet Explorer) 0.3%