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Unencyclopedic is a term that is a combination of un- +‎ encyclopedic, with encyclopedic meaning "Of or relating to the characteristics of an encyclopedia; concerning all subjects, having comprehensive information or knowledge."[1]. Since Frontierpedia's primary purpose is to be an encyclopedic relating to Microsoft Agent, it is required that all articles be written in an encyclopedic format. This means that articles must follow the Manual of Style, demonstrate proper grammar, and provide information from as close to a neutral point of view as possible. Some characters of unencyclopedic content in articles include emojis, profanity, use of abbreviations before clarification (this only applies to communities, software, and words not in the English language), spam, insults, and vandalism.


Rant articles

Rant articles are an example of unencyclopedic content. An article that provides nothing but ranting does not educate the end-user nor indicate formality.

Joke articles

Although they may be considered humorous, Frontierpedia is still an encyclopedia. Keep all jokes in the talk page of that article or on a user page.

Promotion articles

Promotion articles are considered unencyclopedic, as although they inform, they most frequently use an unencyclopedic tone and fail to provide a neutral point of view. These articles are also disallowed in the manual of style.

Spam articles

Not only are spam articles unencyclopedic, but they are also a violation of the rules and may result in a block depending on the severity.


If you have a great idea for an article but are uncertain if it's unencyclopedic, you may go ahead and publish it anyway as long as it follows the Manual of Style. An administrator will fix the article for you and any mistakes.