Microsoft Agent 1.3

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Microsoft Agent
A screenshot of a menu in Microsoft Agent 1.3.
NameMicrosoft Agent 1.3
Initial releaseJune 30th, 1997
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

Microsoft Agent 1.3 (also known as Microsoft Agent Beta 2) is a development release of Microsoft Agent released on June 30th, 1997. It is the earliest confirmed version of Microsoft Agent known to exist besides Microsoft Agent Beta. Not much information is public about this release of Microsoft Agent.



  • This version is very likely the Microsoft Agent Beta 2.0. The reasons for such an assumption include the timeline of the releases and the fact that the installation INF file for Microsoft Agent 1.5's change logs mentioned changing the version string from Beta 2 to 1.5. A potential argument against this is an unknown (and very likely unofficial) website which referred to 1.3 as Beta 3.
  • All screenshots of Microsoft Agent 1.3 are in black and white as they came from the Microsoft Agent software kit book.
  • It is extremely similar to Microsoft Agent 1.5 due to similarities in the menus and both versions having a taskbar icon for Microsoft Agent when a character is loaded.
  • It was publicly accessible at one point for developers in the Microsoft Developer Network.