Microsoft Agent Beta 2.0

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Microsoft Agent
NameMicrosoft Agent Beta 2.0
Initial releaseJune 18th, 1997 (26 years ago)
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

Microsoft Agent Beta 2.0 is the second beta release of Microsoft Agent. It was released and announced on the Microsoft Developer Network on June 18th, 1997. This release contains rewritten animation services, downloadable speech recognition and TTS engines, support for displaying multiple characters at once and extends the API. This version of Microsoft Agent is currently lost and unobtainable with no download link.


This release was confirmed to include early versions of Genie, Merlin and Robby; it is also the first version confirmed to have a dedicated character editor, which is not supported by the final release. Therefore, any characters created for the beta Microsoft Agent would not be compatible with either Microsoft Agent 1.5 or Microsoft Agent 2.0.


  • This version of Microsoft Agent is currently lost.
  • This version of Microsoft Agent was only published to developers who had access to the Microsoft Developer Network.
  • No screenshots exist of this Microsoft Agent version.
  • The Beta 2.0 is very likely Microsoft Agent 1.3. The reasons for such an assumption include the timeline of the releases and the fact that the installation INF file for Microsoft Agent 1.5's change logs mentioned changing the version string from Beta 2 to 1.5. A potential argument against this is an unknown (and very likely unofficial) website which referred to 1.3 as Beta 3.