Microsoft Agent 1.7

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Microsoft Agent
A screenshot of a menu in Microsoft Agent 1.7.
NameMicrosoft Agent 1.7
Initial release1997
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

Microsoft Agent 1.7 is a beta release of Microsoft Agent released in 1997. Microsoft Agent 1.7 is currently the only accessible in-between version of Microsoft Agent 1.5 and Microsoft Agent 2.0. It was rediscovered after Konnor was talking with TMAFE members about lost Microsoft Agent versions. Afterward, Konnor extracted all of the ISO files he had downloaded ever alongside the CABs inside the files. Inside of the CABs, he found Microsoft Agent 1.7 and found the rest of the components as well. This also lead to TMAFE becoming very curious about if there were any more previous Microsoft Agent versions and lead to Konnor investigating for more versions shortly afterward. There are also small glitches present such as the "Microsoft Agent Properties" button not being bold when the Microsoft Agent icon in the taskbar is right-clicked.


Microsoft Agent 1.7 is very glitchy and unstable and as a result, does not function properly. Major glitches inside of Microsoft Agent 1.7 include Microsoft Agent 1.5 characters not being able to load and the taskbar icon of Microsoft Agent 1.7 crashing frequently unless the AgentSvr.exe program is opened manually by the user. It also causes all known Microsoft Agent programs such as Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper, MAPV, and BonziBuddy to crash with an error code. It also causes programs that use Microsoft Agent 1.5 code inside of them to crash, making it incompatible with anything related to Microsoft Agent 1.5 and Microsoft 2.0.

References to other versions

Inside of Microsoft Agent 1.7, there is a reference to a "Microsoft Agent Server 1.6" and "Microsoft Agent Control 1.6", an unreleased version of Microsoft Agent. There are also references to Microsoft Agent 1.5, which is a public release of Microsoft Agent that came with the Microsoft Agent development kit.



  • It was found inside of a Windows 2000 beta ISO.
  • It is unable to load characters from both Microsoft Agent 1.5 and Microsoft Agent 2.0.
  • It is an extremely buggy release with noticeable glitches throughout the software.
  • This version of Microsoft Agent has lead to theories of a Microsoft Agent 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, and 1.9 potentially existing.