Microsoft Agent Properties Viewer

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MS-Agent Properties Viewer
Screenshot of the MAPV program with Merlin
NameMS-Agent Properties Viewer
Developer(s)Abhisoft Technologies
Initial release2001 (23 years ago)
Latest version3.1
Latest version release date2009 (15 years ago)
Written inVisual Basic
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

The Microsoft Agent Properties Viewer (also known as MS-Agent Properties Viewer) is a freeware software that displays the properties of a selected Microsoft Agent character. The program can display the animations, description, extra data, size, GUID, TTS Mode ID, and all other details of a selected character. It also displays the voice details of a selected TTS engine.


The program features a load button that can be used to select an ACS file. Once an ACS file is uploaded, a user will be able to see all the details of that Microsoft Agent character. The user may use the speak button to make the character speak or the play button while selecting an animation to play a character animation. The height and width of a character may also be set.



  • This software is considered freeware by its developer.
  • This software was developed by Abhisoft, the company that also created the Microsoft Agent Scripting Software.
  • MAPV is most frequently used for documenting character data.