Microsoft Agent Character Editor

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Microsoft Agent
The Microsoft Agent Character Editor running on Windows 8.1.
NameMicrosoft Agent
Initial release1997 (27 years ago)
Latest version2.0
Latest version release date1998 (26 years ago)
Written inC++
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

The Microsoft Agent Character Editor (Ace or MACE for short) is a program made by Microsoft to allow users to edit and compile their own Microsoft Agent character. It was first confirmed to appear in the Microsoft Agent Beta 2.0 and Microsoft Agent 1.3 and has had a release for every public Microsoft Agent version since. It allows users to create new characters with all the major technologies of the platform, including text-to-speech, animation states and lip-syncing. The user can add animations to their character from static BMP or GIF frames; they can also add sounds to the animation or assign the state that triggers the animation, such as the state "GesturingUp" triggering the animation "GestureUp" or add small mouth bitmaps to allow for lip-sync of their character's speech. Ace saves character definitions as ACD files and builds the finished characters as ACS files.

Modern usage

Ace is now used to make most, if not all new Microsoft Agent characters. Most modern characters do not have much animations and rarely use much of Ace's features; lip-sync was a notable example of this before Konnor88 brought it back into popularity. Due to the way the tool was made, a lot of modern character animations have only one frame and a sound. Konnor88 has also made a custom version of the program called the Frontier Agent Character Editor.

Versions and builds

Version Earliest compilation date Source Notes Download
Ace Beta 1996/1997 Unavailable Earliest known version of MACE, no build numbers known N/A
Ace 1.3 1997 Unavailable No build numbers known N/A
Ace August 20th, 1997 Microsoft Agent Development Kit First public version, released alongside Microsoft Agent 1.5 ace232.exe x86-32 version
Ace October 29th, 1997 Visual Basic 6 Latest pre-2.0 version of Ace available ace302.exe x86-32 version
Ace September 15th, 1997 Microsoft Beta Evaluation Program - Volume 43 ace2115.exe x86-32 version
Ace September 24th, 1998 Formerly on Microsoft's website The only known 2.0 Ace version and, by far, the most popular one ace2124.exe x86-32 version



  • It was used to create almost every Microsoft Agent character.
  • The download link was formerly available on Microsoft's website.
  • It is speculated that MACE is compiled with Microsoft Agent due to similar build numbers.